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"CCTV footage from inside the property shows how the masked men used an axe to smash open glass doors at the rear of the building. During the raid, which lasted just 18 minutes, the men took 'everything they could lay their hands on'. "
Wealthy Kent suburb of London stockbroker belt is under siege from a new breed of spree burglars who carry out meticulously planned and swiftly executed operations
Chislehurst, a leafy corner of south-east London, is in the grip of 'spree burglary'
In the first two months of this year, there were 38 burglaries in Chislehurst
The violent break ins were meticulously planned and swiftly executed operations
The gangs monitor social media websites to identify their targets, watching out for people flaunting their latest purchases online. The best defence is steel security doors and windows. This gang haven't got the time or equiptment to cut through security steel. A sledge hammer is what the use to break into homes, and that is useless against our steel security doors and window. Call 0207 249 9243 today and protect your family and possessions. 

Poor security is no security!
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