Huge Demand

High Returns

Wholesale distribution of wine to emerging markets.

  • A fast-growth strategy
  • Expected return of at least 15%
  • Suitable for all levels of investment experience
  • Different options available
  • Get on board with just £7,000

A winning


Quick profits within months.

We buy good-quality table wine in bulk at a discount then ship it to wherever there is strong demand from affluent consumers: China, Brazil, India and other fast-growth emerging markets.

Our buyers are chains of supermarkets and convenience stores, hotels and restaurants.

Most shipments sell quickly on arrival for a high margin. Returns are typically 15-20% and sometimes higher.

We aim to return your investment capital and profit to you as soon as possible, if not within months then at least within a year.



An investment opportunity that’s hard to match.

With interest rates at historic lows, it makes sense to look for alternative ways to make your money grow.

Investments start from just £7,000 for a quarter-container of wine. If a whole container is more than you want, we will find other investors to complete the unit.

Cash Bond M2M
Rate of Return 3% 3.95% 15% 20% 30% 50%
£7,000 Investment £7,210 £7,260 £8,050 £8,400 £9,100 £10,500

Figures are for illustrative purposes only; actual returns may differ.

Even if a shipment is delayed or takes longer than normal to sell, your M2M investment should still provide a return far greater than you can expect from cash, bonds or most equity investments over the same period.



Perfect conditions for rapid returns.

Greater affluence is changing consumer attitudes and habits in the developing world.

By 2011 China is expected to consume more than one billion bottles of wine, most of which will be imported.

Imported wine is the drink of choice in upwardly mobile neighbourhoods not just in China, but across Brazil, Russia and India and other fast-growth economies.

Everything is

Taken Care of

All you have to do is wait for your ship to come in.

Your investment will be written under contract and you’ll get a full set of documentation, from proof of purchase to copies of the official bill of lading and notification of arrival. Keeping you informed is an essential part of our service. We'll tell you when your container ships and when it reaches its destination.

With any investment it’s important to have peace of mind and we put safety first. Our suppliers are established producers who have a track record of producing good-quality everyday wines at reasonable prices. All wines are taste-tested. We only use well-known shipping lines and routes and all shipments are fully insured.